Tritonal & Paris Blohm ft. Sterling Fox: Colors (Culture Code Remix)

The original track “Colors” by Tritonal and Paris Blohm is a progressive-house track that can be expected to be heard at every festival this summer. Featuring vocals from Sterling Fox, “Colors” not only encompasses all the good vibes of EDM, but it  inspires every listener to let their true colors show. UK producer Culture Code‘s dubstep remix of the enlightening track gives it even more power over its listeners. With a tingle-inducing build up leading to a captivating beat that runs through your entire body, Culture Codes “Colors” remix deserves recognition. It just unanimously won the Protocol Recordings‘ colors remix competition and is now available for purchase on Beatport here. It’s definitely a sing-along classic, so put these songs on repeat so you’re not the only one who doesn’t know the lyrics.

The first song that made me fall in love with Culture Code:

Listen to the original “Colors”: