Time Warp US Brings Techno Back

We have much to be thankful for here at SBB, but above all we are thankful for our techno family.  Our squad was out in full force for this two-day, awe-inspiring second installment of Time Warp US at the 39th Street Pier.  The massive warehouse was filled with over 10,000 techno lovers this past weekend, comprising of devoted local and international fans.


With a stacked lineup to look forward to and good weather on our side, we made our way into the venue on Friday night and were delighted to discover two impressive stages with top notch audio and visual production.   No matter where you stood in relation to the stage, the sound quality was on point.


The Cave 2.0 was a glorious sight to behold, with a lighting plot that created an illusion of mineral formations and lazers that pierced the air with excitement at every corner.  The technical integration of scenary and lights almost gave the forced perspective of being sent through a black hole.  With the use of military grade camo and next generation color changing LED Par’s, it was clear that the design elements that went into this were thought out carefully with peak consideration and spacial awareness.


Main stage acts Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, and legend Sven Vath, all delivered pumped up thrills and sent chills down the spine as we danced deep into the night together.  Techno is all about the journey and we went for one sexy, funky B2B set from Jamie Jones and Seth Troxler on Floor 2.  Soulful and playful tracks ignited dance circles throughout the room, and we had our hands in the air to all the anthems these two geniuses busted out.

time warp3

Time Warp US has certainly found a welcome home in Brooklyn, and can now confidently boast being the biggest and best techno party of the year in the City That Never Sleeps.  During a week that is all about gratitude, we are sending so much love and thanks to all our friends and SBB family for joining us from near and far to experience this incredible event together!

– Life’s Too Short For Bad Music –