The Power of Music and Squeaky Klean #27

With Summer Fridays gone, the weeks have begun to slow down and feel longer.  The driving force that keeps our weeks rolling forward positively and productively year round is this: Klean tunage. The Stop Breathe Bump family is constantly connected to one another through music, and its undeniable power never ceases to amaze us. When you’re feeling murderous on a Monday, or tired on a Tuesday, you can simply turn on you and your friends’ playlists via a plethora of platforms and instantly feel the peace and energy of the connection to the quality tunes that strum your heart strings and sooth your soul.  Music can touch you in places where words cannot even begin to penetrate.

Visiting a friend of mine who’s been sick at home for weeks last night, I turned on Squeaky Klean #27 and danced about the bedroom with her. A smile grew upon her face and I could feel the energy within her instantly shift toward the brighter side of life.  The incredible beats, woven perfectly together in this mixtape is what gets us up every morning.  Gets us moving, working hard, spreading joy and light to others.  This is what makes our world go ’round, and it is my pleasure to share the deep and tantalizing tunes of Klean’s latest mix with you all today to carry you seamlessly into the weekend!