[Review] Above & Beyond @ Los Angeles Convention Center (12/29)


I have always made the argument that electronic dance music producers (great ones, anyway) are our modern-day classical composers. The production of a piece from start to finish, whether on a laptop or scribbled on staff paper, requires an amazing amount of musicality and technical knowledge. Translating the emotion of a song to an audience requires innate talent and large amount of passion for the music. Above & Beyond have always hypnotized us with their message and emotional transparency, and wear their hearts on their sleeves both in their studio productions and live performances.

The show was truly special and we are always so impressed with the loyalty of the fans. People of all ages, colors, backgrounds, all coming together for a night of great music.  Anjuna must be one of the strongest families in the dance music world. The emotional grip that the lyrics and sounds have on Above & Beyond fans everywhere was apparent in the tears and palpable joy emitting from the convention center.

After seeing them perform several acoustic shows across the Country, we gained even more respect for them. They truly go Above & Beyond our expectations. See you at the next show <3