The Chainsmokers feat Halsey : Closer

1) This is not a love song
2) Shaun Frank and Louis the Child helped with the song during the Friendzone Tour!
3) 90% of this song was finished within the first 2 days
4) Drew had all his ex girls at syracuse in mind when he wrote this.
5) The tattoo’s on the cover art were drawn by hand onto the bodies… if you look closer the hero tat on their arms combines them
6) We no longer drink fireball…
7)Shack Shack > In and Out

We fucking love this new track from our friends, The Chainsmokers. We have been supporting them since the beginning so it is amazing to see them writing, producing, and singing their own tunes! Much love and respect boys! Keep it up, our ears are very appreciative.

Jonas Rathsman To Headline House Of Yes This Friday August 5th

House of Yes, the outrageous Bushwick club and performance art space welcomes back House of Love on Friday, August 5th, combining a night of pleasure and sensual experiences alongside an amazing dance party featuring an extended set by Sweden’s Jonas Rathsman. Describing House of Yes, USA Today calls it “New York’s best new event space [that] has changed the city’s nightlife forever.” House of Love’s return to this premier Brooklyn club alongside a talented DJ lineup and extensive list of sensual activities, promises to once again go far beyond your wildest dreams.


To set the mood for the evening, House of Yes presents Foreplay, an interactive theatrical experience inspired by House of Love starting at 7pm. Blurring the lines between those who watch and are watched, Foreplay will feature an hour and a half of emotionally and physically stimulating acts between guests and House of Yes performers to lower inhibitions and heighten the senses. Acts will not be contained to the stage. Entertainment will take place in the round,  from the inside out. Get ready to move. Get ready to explore. Expect to be fed.  Foreplay stimulates both partners’ sexuality, lowers inhibitions and increases emotional intimacy. Foreplay is good for you.


For those unfamiliar with House of Love, the night will feature an amazing array of activities and entertainment. Guests are invited to be blindfolded and taken on blind dates, they can immerse themselves in a giant cuddle puddle with their sexy new friends, get a spanking courtesy of Daddy’s BDSM Dungeon Experience, catch a striptease show or lap dance at Dirty Diamond (the House of Yes pop-up strip club), receive a deep tissue massage, discover secret rooms, or play with feathers and bubble baths. Dance the night away to renowned international DJ, Jonas Rathsman who comes fresh off the UK’sSecret Garden Party stage, alongside local favorites Playsuit and Illich Mujica. Providing the tunes in the the front room will be Brooklyn’s own house DJ and producer, Ryan Clover.


It’s a party that celebrates affirmative consent and is for lovers of life, partners in pleasure, sexy soloists and for anyone looking for a life-changing night that will open the heart and create connections one can only crave. It’s a night to go outside your norms, try something new, and to embrace the full spectrum of gender and sexual possibilities in a safe party space (with consent of course!). Guests are asked to leave the jeans, t-shirts and sneakers at home and to rock their favorite outfit looking and feeling their absolute best. Dress as soirée seductresses, stud muffins, BDSM, chic and kinky or go in drag in order to help create the perfect atmosphere for a playground of flirting and connection through experimentation, expression and exploration.

Foreplay. // Interactive Theatrical Experience $50-$75 Advance tickers are available here.

House of Love Lineup:


House of Love Activities and Interactions:

  • Dirty Diamond: House of Yes’ renowned pop-up strip club

  • Daddy’s BDSM dungeon experience

  • Rooftop hot tub

  • Bathtubs and bubble baths

  • Blindfolds and blind dates

  • Secret rooms

  • Seduction and sensual bliss

  • Cuddle puddles

  • Deep tissue massages

  • Feathers and feelings


House of Love $15-$35 Advance tickets are available here.

Deep Woods at PEX Summer Festival 2016

Last Sunday, deep in the woods of Darlington, MD, a very PEXy group of burners danced together to the enchanting tunage of Brooklyn DJ Deep Woods.  The SBB squad was out in full force at this incredible summer festival, camping in the beautiful forest with the most amazing, beautiful people who all share our love of music and dance.  This deep and energetic set brought fire to our shoes and our souls.


Thank you for sharing your sounds with us and our beautiful PEX family!  We cannot wait to see you again very soon.  Enjoy, bumpers!


Deep Woods at PEX Summer Festival 2016



On Sunday July 3rd, the official U.R. ART afterparty will be getting super DEEEP in Venice. The basement will feature MARQUES WYATT (DEEP-LA), PATRICIO (DO LAB / FAVELA), and BIG CEE (DEEP-LA). The upstairs DEEP lounge will host JEREMY SOLE (KCRW / theLIFT) & RICARDO TORRES (NDYD)! We are super excited for this one and if you are in LA you gotta roll through!

Get your tickets here NOW