Mt. Eden: Stronger

Synths that take over your whole being, followed by bass hits and drum kicks that make all the hairs on your body stand up. This is my favorite genre (I like to call it “chillstep”), and Mt. Eden has been at the top of my list for years now – beside others like Blackmill, Culture Code, Adventure Club, Seven Lions, Synchronice and the likes – and this duo from New Zealand continues to keep my love for them growing.
Vocals by Digital Farm Animals describe what this music can do for people. The lyrics connect with listeners, saying how the “the music makes me stronger, and the music makes me feel good, every time I’m on my way down down,” and brings positive vibes with the message to see good in all the bad with “behind every cloud, is a silver lining, and every dream is a storytelling”. It’s a good one – a GREAT one actually – so let yourself relax, put your good headphones or speakers on full blast, and feel the vibes.