*FILTHY FRIDAY* : Shadow Phoenix Network

Greetings, headbangers! It’s time for another #filthyfriday!

This week’s filth is brought to you by none other than the Shadow Phoenix Network. For those of you wub lovers who haven’t gotten a taste yet, this promotional network is dedicated to bringing us bassheads a variety of dubstep, trap, and hybrid music. Having started up only a mere 6 months ago, SPN has hit the 10K followers mark and the numbers only continue to climb!

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the owner/manager/producer behind the madness and all I can say is, expect nothing but greatness in the near future. His dedication & love for bass music is something to admire & respect and it only adds to my anticipation of what the Shadow Phoenix Network has in store for us!

Their newest release, SampliFire – Misty (SNICH Remix), in celebration of their 10K following, has already made it to #10 on Soundcloud’s new dubstep release chart. Listen & enjoy these free downloads below!


For more, check out Shadow Phoenix Network‘s Soundcloud now!