Eazy-E : We Want Eazy / Straight Outta Compton

My friends and I went to see Straight Outta Compton on Friday night here in Los Angeles. It was fucking fantastic and really sends a great message. Regardless of circumstances or odds being stacked against you CAN ‘make it’ and be anything you want to be. Seeing these artists get to where they wanted to be in the movie was very inspiring. Here was my favorite track from the movie, just listen to that beeeaatt THO !

Skinny Berlin : Solo Spliff

Coming at you straight from the DMV is up and coming hip hop artist Skinny Berlin. One of his latest tracks is Solo Spliff is a testament to the musical talent present in this homegrown artist. The song describes the ebbs and flows that Skinny went through as a self described “addicted youth”. When listening to the song it is almost impossible not to be placed in a hip hop trance from Skinny’s lyrical genius. With its old school beats and descriptive lyrics, Solo Spliff is just one of the reasons to keep an eye out for Skinny’s future productions and rise in the ever massive world of hip hop.